Cut the Cost of Employee Benefits Without Cutting the Benefits

CGA does more than navigate the maze of healthcare benefits
and billing for your business — we break down the walls.
  • Decrease out-of-pocket costs for employees
  • Reduce claims to help mitigate the risk of premium hikes
  • Create dollar-for-dollar savings for self-funded and level-funded plans
  • Alleviate the burden on HR teams

Our proprietary technology platform and rigorously trained Advocates help us accomplish two goals.
Pre-expense guidance: We direct you to low-cost providers and services for your employees.
Post-expense reductions: Fiercely negotiate to drive down claim costs.

Organizations We Benefit

Self-Insured Companies
Stop Loss Carriers, Limited Med Plan Sponsors and Health Shares
Third Party Administrators and Brokers

Health benefits are imperative when attracting and retaining qualified talent in any industry. With our unparalleled, technology-driven advocacy, benefits can be enhanced while costs are lowered.

CGA fights hospital bills and strategically employs statutory and regulatory leverage to reduce medical claims. Protect your profit margin and reputation by fighting claims at the source.

We provide a trifecta of solutions: help reduce administrative headaches, improve employee satisfaction with benefits, and to save on claims.


CGA helps you save money on employee benefits so you can reinvest in your team. Our Advocates are equipped with specialized tools that can help protect your bottom line.


We use our innovative technology to reduce or possibly even eliminate large medical and hospital bills via statute-required financial assistance programs.


Using our proprietary, data-driven mapping tool, we can find and confirm low-cost providers by zip code.

Pricing Portal

Know the specific care costs before stepping in the door. We make sure our members are not the next victims of the broken billing process in the medical industry today.


We make sure all services were billed correctly and fight overpricing from facilities and hospitals.


We assist members with applying for patient financial assistance programs, which could reduce or completely eliminate the cost.

Lower or Eliminate Prescription Costs

We assist members with obtaining prescription coupons and getting their medications at the lowest price.

Learn more about how we can help protect your company’s bottom line.

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Success Stories

Driving down healthcare costs is our specialty.

We are proud to achieve success for our corporate clients and their employees, saving both parties time, money and stress.

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