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Don't do your hospital bill. Do Hospital Bill Eraser. CareGuide is the expert you wanted in your corner but never knew existed until now. We end the hospital's predatory billing. With us, the predator becomes the prey.

Our proprietary negotiation techniques, national pricing databases and software platforms support one-of-a-kind, excellent results with lower hospital bills. You know you are being ripped off but didn't know what to do. Now you do. Hire us to give the hospital a taste of its own medicine.

Before care let us help you "know where to go" and "what to pay." Most people delay or don't get care for fear of the surprise medical bill. At CareGuide, we are sensitive that for most, it's either affordable access to care, or no care. Most care people need is routine. This is the type of care we provide names and price tags for. For life threatening care, go where you need to and let us use Hospital Bill Eraser to deal with your bill afterward.

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Coordinating Every Aspect of Your Care

Our expert Advocates will help you

Reduce or even eliminate large medical and hospital bills with our Hospital Bill Eraser

Find low-cost medical services in your ZIP code

Know the cost of your care before you go

Lower the cost of medical equipment and medications

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Success Stories

We are proud to achieve success for our members by saving money on medical bills and fighting for the care they need and deserve.

Here's how we have helped others save on their healthcare bills.

CareGuide is not insurance, not an insurance policy and not affiliated or serviced by any insurance carrier. The information presented here is for illustrative purposes only. All savings examples are demonstrative, and no savings are guaranteed. The use of any advocacy service offered will vary from case to case, and the results will also vary from case to case. Our services could yield more favorable, less favorable or the same outcomes than as described herein. Regardless of the services provided and outcomes, individuals are always personally responsible for their own medical bills, any tax benefits resulting from the services, and any necessary reporting to an employer/carrier/provider.

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